Xena Warrior Princess 12 Inch Roman Xena Doll Toy Biz

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Xena Warrior Princess 12 Inch Roman Xena Doll Toy Biz Description

Product description Xena Warrior Princess 12 inches tall Fully poseable Action figure. Figure is based on the charactor from the episode of the Series ‘When in Rome’. Highly detailed removeable cloth outfit and a great likeness of Lucy Lawless. Made by ToyBiz in 1999 and long out of production. Roman Xena from episode ‘When in Rome’. After capturing the ruthless Roman warlord Crassus, Xena and Gabrielle go to Rome to strike a deal with Caesar: Crassus in exchange for freedom fighter Vercinix. Though Caesar purports to accept the trade, Xena knows full well that he will never honor his bargain. Xena realizes that she has put herself in the middle of a political struggle between Caesar and his Roman rival Pompey the Magnus. She devises a plan to free Vercinix by using Caesar’s own ruthlessness and political agenda against him. In the meantime, Pompey attempts to enlist Xena’s aid in assassinating Caesar, a prospect that the Warrior Princess finds intriguing, for Caesar has caused her nothing but pain and misery, even going so far as to crucify her many years ago. After a brutal round of hand-to-hand combat in the Coliseum, Xena liberates Vercinix and tricks Caesar into executing his ally, Crassus. Ever since actress Lucy Lawless hit television fame in Xena, Warrior Princess, she has attracted twin followings. Some youngsters appreciate her as just another superhero. Feminists find her campy character a rallying point. This collectable Xena may satisfy both audiences. Wearing a long, red gown inspired by the styles worn in ancient Rome, Xena is feminine but fierce. Gold bracelets adorn each movable arm, and a golden crown with a full-length, red veil trails majestically behind her. Tiny, removable gold slippers have gold ribbons that twine up to her knees. Xena’s gown features easy-to-use Velcro fasteners. –Sally James

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