Ionix Tenkai Knights – Action Pack 10503 (Vilius/Sho/Lydendor)

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Ionix Tenkai Knights – Action Pack 10503 (Vilius/Sho/Lydendor) Description

Product Description Action Pack 10502 brings you closer to the battle action. Lydendor must gather all his strength to battle against the evil Vilius and Sho. Shapeshift, build and unleash each character as you customize their armor using extra pieces and charge into battle with Tenkai weapons! It’s 3 times the Tenkai energy and instant battle-action! Build your Tenkai army and discover an entire world of shapeshifting bricks: humanoid, winged, 4-legged, action, titan, power and weapon bricks. Each one contains its own unique shapeshifting power and is compatible with leading construction brands. Collect them all to unleash your Tenkai energy. Recreate epic battles from the Tenkai Knights TV series. Only you can master your Tenkai energy to defeat Vilius and his Corrupted army!IONIX: the revolutionary line of never before seen construction bricks that change their shape before your eyes! These construction bricks shapeshift and change to become mini figures, action figures, weapons, gear, gadgets and more. What’s more, our bricks snap together with other leading construction systems. IONIX: Shapeshift, build, unleash! From the Manufacturer The all new Tenkai Knights line of construction and building toys. Powered by the IONIX construction system and its world of never before seen, shape shifting, building bricks you can bring your bricks to life and unleash your Tenkai power.

Ionix Tenkai Knights – Action Pack 10503 (Vilius/Sho/Lydendor) how to buy

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