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Chess King with Houdini 2 Description

Chess King with Houdini 2 is a revolutionary tool for chess players and is an ideal introduction for the beginner, a challenging opponent for the practiced amateur, and an invaluable coach for the aspiring master. Chess King emphasizes simplicity of use in training players. However, it is more than just a traditional training program as it includes an extremely strong chess engine and a huge professional database. It is also a convenient tool for analyzing and studying one’s opponent before facing them at a tournament. Buying Chess King is like getting several products and paying only for one, a professional chess software system, the largest game database available GigaKing, the strongest chess engine in the market Houdini with its version 2, 1500 chess puzzles for all chess levels, a unique random playing mode, and much, much more. Even if you were only getting Houdini 2, for that price, it would be worth it. Included: Houdini 2, GigaKing Database and Corr 2011, Full opening tree, Chess puzzles, Over one hundred opening positions, Photos of over 1600 chess players. Houdini 2 – grandmaster rated chess engine and an excellent choice for analysis. Considering such a strong engine can be frustrating to play against, Houdini 2 includes various kinds of handicaps that can be set up using the Chess King interface. The version of Houdini 2 that comes with Chess King is a single processor one. GigaKing Database and Corr 2011 contain over five million chess games. These databases include games from the 16th century up to 11-2011. GigaKing contains almost all available master games as well as games from many lesser tournaments, junior events etc. The number and quality of the games contained in these databases is on par with those found in the most expensive database packages. Full opening tree is a statistics database of positions in the GigaKing database. – NOTE NEW VERSIONS EXIST CHESS KING 2, 3, 4 and 4 PRO, ALSO ON AMAZON. If you have Windows 8, get 2,3,4, or 4 Pro.

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