07 Feb

Handgun Cases for Car / Truck / Motorhome

The Aegis Line of Safes begin with a unique patented double locking system, making our safes the most versatile safes on the market today. This special locking system makes it possible to secure our safes to almost any surface in your home, or in vehicles such as cars, mobile homes, planes, boats, or in second homes, or even in motel rooms when you are travelling. Even though the safe is securely attached to the surfaces described above, the patented locking system allows the safe to be disconnected from its secured mounting plate and can then be moved to any other AEGIS MOUNT designed for that particular line of safes. Shown here is the AEGIS BASIC GUN CASE for a single gun. It includes a gun case, and a special silicon treated gun sock.The gun shown is for “Demo” purposes only. AEGIS does not sell guns of any kind.

The BASIC GUN CASE comes in two standard models: (1) The Travel Kit; and (2) The Home Kit. The Kits come complete with mounting plates, locking plate, and basic mounting hardware. In some cases buyer may choose to mount the case where special hardware may be needed. In such cases, buyer should contact a local hardware store for additional help.
The AEGIS TRAVEL KIT. This kit comes complete with the AEGIS BASIC GUN CASE described above plus the proper length of the ANGLE BASE PLATE, and a LOCKING PLATE.

Sizes and Part Numbers
2″ x 7″ x 8″  Long
No. 89988
2″ x 7″ x 10″ Long
No. 89987
2″ x 7″ x 13″ Long
No. 89986

The Travel Kit mounts on a VERTICAL ANGLE BASE PLATE. The base plate can actually be attached to almost any flat surface in a horizontal, vertical, or up-side down position.

Correct size included in Travel Kit
8″ Angle Base Plate
No. 89981
10″ Angle Base Plate
No. 89950

For installations where the VERTICAL ANGLE BASE PLATE cannot be used, two additional alternatives are available for vehicle installations:

Mounting the unit horizontally, using the UNIVERSAL BASE PLATE

Universal Base Plate
No. 89982

Portable Security with CABLE LOCKING SYSTEM

This alternative makes it possible to secure the Gun Case anywhere you travel. Not only can the Gun Case be secured to underside of auto seats, or any other anchor point in the vehicle, the Gun Case can also be taken into motel room, when traveling, to secure Gun Case to furniture, bed frame, or plumbing pipes.

24″ Cable/Lock
No. 89960
36″ Cable/Lock
No. 89959
48″ Cable/Lock
No. 89958

Other convenient accessories available for the AEGIS BASIC GUN CASE:

AMMO CLIP SECURITY CASE. For safely storing loaded magazines or speed loaders. Attaches to side of Gun Case.

Ammo Clip Kit
No. 89969

Jr. FAST DRAW. This accessory replaces the standard gun sock with a unique divice attached to a special gun holster. When the door is opened, the gun is pulled up into position for immidiate withdrawal.

8″ Jr. Fast Draw Kit No. 89876
10″ Jr. Fast Draw Kit
No. 89875


FLEX HANDLE. This accessory provides a convienient way to carry the gun case.