09 Feb

Biometric Gun Safe – Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500

Do you have a requirement of gun safe for your ammunition? If your answer is a no, then I suggest you to get one good gun safe for you ammunition. They might be several reasons why you have been avoiding to get a gun safe why you are precious valuable ammunition. Another type of gun safe which is being used by millions of people is Biometric Gun safe.

Whatever you reasons behind getting a gun safe for your ammunition, I will give you a few reasons why you should one best gun safe forever business, office or home.

  • The first reason is the security, would you like to take chances after working so long to get this precious valuable firearms so that you can lose them later on? If that’s a no, then how come you are risking your valuable firearms.
  • Not everyone house is empty, almost every houses are blessed with children. Children’s doesn’t know the difference between what’s good for them and what is bad for them, in pursuit of learning the mistakes which made by them might regret later with a huge price it can be if you buy a gun safe.
  • Biometric gun safe doesn’t come at a expensive price, biometric gun safe you can easily get one of them for less than $150, isn’t that expensive then you precious children and security?
  • Biometric gun safe are reliable because they can only be accessed buy only one person who is authorised to do it. Unauthorised access will be restricted then lockdown until you come down and unlock it.
  • There are some biometric gun safe it sent you a letter to your mobile when it is been tried to open simultaneously buy unauthorised people, which not only help you to find the culprit as well as it also sent a warning to the people who are planning to do for the damages.
  • Biometric gun safe come with a 1 year to 2 years of warranty, which not only covers replacement warranty if it is delivered damaged or you have received a defective product.
  • Biometric gun safe are very useful because not only be a portable to carry around from one place to another easily in matter of minutes, also you do not have to worry about the maintenance of it.
  • All of the biometric gun safe are equipped with latest technology and features so that they can keep up with all type of threats.
  • To ensure safety the manufacturers have added other small features such as an indicator so that you will be alerted about the low charge.
  • Biometric gun safe has smart recognition Technology, which is capable of reading and recognising fingerprint even if the dust and oil covered on finger.

I have pointed out hundred out of few reasons on why you should get biometric gun safe for your business, work and home.I hope you are now convinced that you should get one of these to increase the security and get worry free.

Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500:

Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 gun safe Is price between $100 to $200, the prices differences will effect depending on which country you are and which city the store is.

The biometric gun safe has some of the Unique features which set apart from other gun safe.Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 is known for lightweight and it is perfect for business people. Speed vault gun safe is recommended for office. Speed vault gun safe axis more than 110 fingerprint added to it which makes it perfect for offices, so that only authorised person among stars and say people can access the gun safe.

Seed vault gun safe can also be used more than just storing guns, it can also be used for storing other valuable such as jewellery, legal papers, gold coins and important documents.


If you are low on budget but want to get something which is offering more security and space than bargained for. If you are purchasing this product for your business then this is the best choice for you.


07 Feb

Handgun Cases for Car / Truck / Motorhome

The Aegis Line of Safes begin with a unique patented double locking system, making our safes the most versatile safes on the market today. This special locking system makes it possible to secure our safes to almost any surface in your home, or in vehicles such as cars, mobile homes, planes, boats, or in second homes, or even in motel rooms when you are travelling. Even though the safe is securely attached to the surfaces described above, the patented locking system allows the safe to be disconnected from its secured mounting plate and can then be moved to any other AEGIS MOUNT designed for that particular line of safes. Shown here is the AEGIS BASIC GUN CASE for a single gun. It includes a gun case, and a special silicon treated gun sock.The gun shown is for “Demo” purposes only. AEGIS does not sell guns of any kind.

The BASIC GUN CASE comes in two standard models: (1) The Travel Kit; and (2) The Home Kit. The Kits come complete with mounting plates, locking plate, and basic mounting hardware. In some cases buyer may choose to mount the case where special hardware may be needed. In such cases, buyer should contact a local hardware store for additional help.
The AEGIS TRAVEL KIT. This kit comes complete with the AEGIS BASIC GUN CASE described above plus the proper length of the ANGLE BASE PLATE, and a LOCKING PLATE.

Sizes and Part Numbers
2″ x 7″ x 8″  Long
No. 89988
2″ x 7″ x 10″ Long
No. 89987
2″ x 7″ x 13″ Long
No. 89986

The Travel Kit mounts on a VERTICAL ANGLE BASE PLATE. The base plate can actually be attached to almost any flat surface in a horizontal, vertical, or up-side down position.

Correct size included in Travel Kit
8″ Angle Base Plate
No. 89981
10″ Angle Base Plate
No. 89950

For installations where the VERTICAL ANGLE BASE PLATE cannot be used, two additional alternatives are available for vehicle installations:

Mounting the unit horizontally, using the UNIVERSAL BASE PLATE

Universal Base Plate
No. 89982

Portable Security with CABLE LOCKING SYSTEM

This alternative makes it possible to secure the Gun Case anywhere you travel. Not only can the Gun Case be secured to underside of auto seats, or any other anchor point in the vehicle, the Gun Case can also be taken into motel room, when traveling, to secure Gun Case to furniture, bed frame, or plumbing pipes.

24″ Cable/Lock
No. 89960
36″ Cable/Lock
No. 89959
48″ Cable/Lock
No. 89958

Other convenient accessories available for the AEGIS BASIC GUN CASE:

AMMO CLIP SECURITY CASE. For safely storing loaded magazines or speed loaders. Attaches to side of Gun Case.

Ammo Clip Kit
No. 89969

Jr. FAST DRAW. This accessory replaces the standard gun sock with a unique divice attached to a special gun holster. When the door is opened, the gun is pulled up into position for immidiate withdrawal.

8″ Jr. Fast Draw Kit No. 89876
10″ Jr. Fast Draw Kit
No. 89875


FLEX HANDLE. This accessory provides a convienient way to carry the gun case.…